Summer is here; Newcastle Airport experiences the busiest weekend of the year.

It has been reported this week that Newcastle Airport had their busiest weekend of the year last weekend, with a staggering 55,000 passengers travelling through the airport. Not only has Newcastle had success with passenger numbers, it has also received high praise from their customers.

In a recent survey, which was carried out by and the Daily Mirror, ranked the airport as number one for an all-round experience. The highest scoring categories included cleanliness, check-in process and family-friendly facilities.

Passengers flying on Tuesday appeared to only have praise for Newcastle Airport, one saying: “I used to work at Heathrow and it’s better than there!” and another adding: “It always goes smoothly here”. It would seem that Newcastle Airport really could be the best in the country for its all round experience.

Of course, this couldn’t have come at a better time for the airport with the summer holidays having just begun and with the recent reviews, Newcastle may find they have a lot of last minute bookings. We look forward to seeing how this airport will progress in the upcoming months.

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