Take the tour of Newcastle Airport courtesy of Badger the guide dog!

Meet Badger, the guide dog who was filmed on his travels on a GoPro through Newcastle Airport, as part of his training with handler Darren Ainsley.

As part of his training from the charity Guide Dogs, provided by handler Darren, Badger was filmed exploring the airport in order to get him used to being in unusual surroundings. The 18-month-old Labrador’s harness was attached with a GoPro in order to capture is journey around the site. Seemingly interesting destinations to him included; the departure lounge, baggage reclaim and he was even screened whilst going through security.

Guide dogs are often trained in places such as shopping centres and airports in order to get them performing comfortably in environments with high levels of sounds, sights and footfall, before being given to aid a visually impaired individual.
Badger is set to graduate with flying colours from his training in March 2019 & was also accompanied by the charity’s engagement officer Linda Oliver and her own fully-trained guide dog Zoe.

Linda said: “Airports can be daunting places for passengers who have little or no sight.
“Often travellers, who are blind or partially sighted, can feel very anxious when passing through such busy areas on their own.
“By bringing our dogs into the airport, we are able to expose them to so many different situations and scenarios – such as large excitable crowds, shiny floors and security checks.
“Experience like this is vital to the training dog’s development, and guide dogs who have such an opportunity are a great support to their owners who fly regularly.
“I am so glad that Newcastle Airport offered us the opportunity to come in and do some training within the building, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Newcastle Airport’s chief operating officer Richard Knight added: “It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Badger, Zoe and the team into the airport.
“The work that the guide dogs do is absolutely imperative to our visually impaired passengers, and we will always be more than happy to assist in the training of the puppies.
“We strive to make Newcastle Airport a place where everyone can feel safe and confident, and we hope that by carrying out exercises like this, we can continue to improve our services.

Newcastle Airport guide dog

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