Newcastle Airport Parking

Thinking of driving to, and parking at Newcastle Airport? Below, we have listed the 5 options available to help you decide which one is best suited to you and your needs. For an instant quote, use our widget below to compare your parking options.

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Short Stay Parking Newcastle Airport

Short-stay car park 1 is conveniently located right in front of the terminal building within easy walking distance, whilst the Short Stay car park 2 is few minutes away from the terminal. Both are ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers, or if you are just off for a day or so. Both car parks charge the same rate, however the first 15 minutes in the Short Stay is free.

Short Stay Parking 1

Up to 15 mins £7.00
Up to 30 mins £10.00
Up to 1 hour £15.00
Up to 2 hours £18.00
Up to 3 hours £22.00
Up to 4 hours £24.00

Short Stay Parking 2

Up to 15 mins FREE
Up to 30 mins £8.00
Up to 1 hours £13.00
Up to 2 hours £15.00
Up to 3 hours £18.00
Up to 4 hours £22.00

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Long Stay Parking Newcastle Airport

Long stay parking is usually your best option if you're jetting off for more than a couple of days. Your car may be a bit further from the terminal, but it'll be a lot cheaper than leaving your it in the Short or Medium stay car park!

save by booking online
2 Days £52.00
3 Days £64.00
4 Days £76.00
Per day thereafter £12.00

Newcastle Airport Drop off

Ideally located right in front of the terminal building you'll find Newcastle Airport's Express Parking, the easiest solution to passenger pick up and drop off.

It's a ticketless system and is monitored via a series of cameras; your vehicle is recorded upon entry and once you approach the exit barrier, you will be charged the appropriate fee.

Up to 10 mins £4.00
Up to 30 mins £7.00
Up to 45 mins £10.00
Up to 1 hour £11.00
Up to 2 hours £22.00
Up to 3 hours £33.00
Up to 4 hours £44.00
express parking

Minibus/Van Parking

mini bus and van
Up to 15 mins £5.00
Up to 30 mins £8.00
Up to 1 hour £15.00
Up to 2 hours £18.00
Up to 3 hours £22.00
Up to 4 hours £24.00

There's been a lot of demand for Newcastle's Airport's Express Car Park, so they've decided to create a car park specifically for larger vehicles.

There are a lot of signs located around the airport that show how to reach this parking. It should be noted that this car park is perfect for anyone that has more than 7 seats.

There is a ticket machine available in the car park and you can exit this car park by Short Stay 1 Car Park.

Premium Parking

Premium Fast Track Parking

Fast track parking is ideal for those looking for a speedy journey! Located just a minute's walk from the check-in desks, you can leave your vehicle in a secure place as there are ANPR cameras. It also allows you to fast track through security searches! You can either book online and save nearly 60%! Alternatively, you can pay £37.00 for the day, with an addition £35 charge per day if you're away for longer.

Premium Meet & Greet Parking

This car park is the closest to the airport terminal and it's very easily accessible!

When you arrive, you'll go through their inspection booth, after which you'll park outside their office. After this, you simply check in with a member of staff and they'll do the rest! As you enjoy your holiday, they'll store your car in a secure location, awaiting your return.