Currency Exchange Newcastle Airport

Travelex serves Newcastle Airport as the main foreign currency exchange bureaux and has 2 branches for you to choose from; one before and after security.

Why use Travelex?
  • Order currency online
  • World's Largest FX provider
  • Locations both before and after Security Control
  • Home Delivery available

Did you know?

You can order your currency online and collect it at the airport? Perfect for a last minute trip or if you run out of time to pop to the travel agent to exchange your cash! Use the widget below to view the current exchange rates, purchase the currency you need and arrange to collect it from one of the two desks in the airport.

Don't like to carry cash?

Check out the Travelex Cash Passport. It works in the same way as a debit or credit card, is PIN protected but not linked to your personal bank account at all. Simply load it up with one of the seven currently available currencies and away you go! Benefit from a locked in exchange rate, free ATM withdrawals and the use at over 28 million worldwide merchants.

Prepaid Currency Cards

There are plenty of prepaid currency cards out there now - these can be a great option but make sure you research your destination. Some countries deal better with card payments than others. Even if you are only planning to use it to withdraw cash, you may want to check on the availability of ATMs and which cards that they accept.
Do check the rates when you are ordering currency online, some are better than others.

Post Office at Newcastle Airport

Prepared enough to exchange your cash before getting to the airport or prefer the good old way of physically handing over your money to the smiley lady at the counter? Head to your local Post Office for all your foreign currency exchange needs.


The Post Office are a really well known travel money provider in the UK and can offer home delivery of your holiday cash Monday to Saturday. You can also go into one of their 12,500 branches to pick your currency up, but be sure to order online first to guarantee the best rates.

Why use The Post Office?
  • Order Currency Online
  • Great rates online
  • 0% Commission
  • Home Delivery Mon-Sat
  • 12,500 branches for pick up