Newcastle Airport Local Attractions

Angel of the North

Possibly one of the north-east’s most famous amenities & attractions, the Angel of the North is a sculpture positioned by the A1 road in Gateshead.This imposing structure serves as a welcome to visitors to Tyneside, and is set in an unmissable location on the hillside.

Beamish open-air museum

Beamish Open-air museum is an outdoor experience of life in Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries.The museum has recreated scenes and settings of markets, collieries and railway stations to enable visitors to experience past-Britain first-hand. You can walk into homes and shops to see what life was really like during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tynemouth Priory and Castle

Tynemouth priory is set on Tynemouth’s headland, and was used as a burial ground and military defence fortification for many years, meaning that the structure is steeped in history and importance. The Priory church has stunning architecture which is well worth seeing.

The Life Science Centre

The life science centre is an ideal family visit, with hands on exhibitions and displays designed to inform educate visitors about natural sciences.

The Natural Glass Centre

The National Glass Centre is a working glass factory which will enable visitors to see glass being created and moulded. The centre also serves to educate visitors on the technology and the history of glass. The centre also has a glass shop, selling a wide range of glass gifts and art.

The Roman Army Museum

The roman army museum allows visitors to see a real Roman excavation, and view displays of the finds at the site.

Attraction distances from Newcastle Airport

Attraction Distance from Newcastle Airport Approximate journey time (Car)
Angel of the North 12.8 miles 18 mins
Beamish Open Air Museum 16.7 miles 26 mins
Tynemouth Priory and Castle 15 miles 34 mins
The Life Science Centre 8.9 miles 16 mins
The Natural Glass Centre 23.3 miles 39 mins
The Roman Army Museum 38.5 miles 46 mins
Eldon Square 6.6 miles 17 mins

Tourist Information

More information on local attractions can be obtained from: Newcastle Tourist Information Centres
Amenities & Attractions
Amenities & Attractions

Newcastle Local Amenities

The main shopping centre in the city of Newcastle is Eldon Square. Eldon Square is home to over 140 shops, with a number of cafes and restaurants also being located here. The centre has the following facilities:

  • Information Desk
  • Baby-changing facilities
  • A range of disabled facilities
  • Pay phones
  • A number of large departmental stores

Eldon Square is easily accessible by bus, as it has its own bus station.

Adjacent to Eldon Square is Eldon Garden, which has around 30 shops and several cafes. Eldon Garden is home to a number of designer boutiques and exclusive stores.

Outdoor shopping includes that of Grainger Street, where a number of High street stores are located. Grainger Street is also home to Grainger Market; a covered food market selling a variety of produce.